Aleph Mazkir, or chapter secretary has numerous responsibilities. Among these are communications, minutes, and attendance.

Presently, Aleph Mazkirim tend to be more involved with communications, particularly with the rise of web design and email. Minutes are still important, and at International meetings, and many Regional, Council and Chapter meetings, anyone from the body addresses "Aleph Godol, Aleph Mazkir, My Brother Alephs..."

Grand Aleph MazkirEdit

The Grand Aleph Mazkir is the counterpart of the Regional and Council Mazkirim, Gizborim, Sopherim, and other related Positions (Katvan, Mach'shev, etc.) he coordinates ILTC every year as well as selecting all "Communication" and "Finance" chair people (Including the Overseas Chairman) The current Grand Aleph Mazkir is JAKE NITZKIN from FISHER AZA #337 in MICHIGAN REGION #63